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Starting at New FWP Project "SHERPA"


Dear reader,

As told in the last update, a big flying wing is under construction.
For this, a small prototype was designed and build.
The test flights go well, it is a stable flying wing.

Nervous before the first flight!

first launch!

Strange but nice low pass.
Flies great so time to start with the big 1/2 scale model!

Below the first building pictures of the Short Sherpa SB4
Several weeks ago, I started drawing the wing platform with all ribs and spars.
Also the rotating tip mechanism was designed and drawn on this huge piece of paper
After the drawing was complete, work started on cutting all ribs, variating from 173cm at the root to 42 cm at the tip.
Wingspan of the whole wing is 5,8 meters realizing a total wing surface of 5.6 square meters.
Each side has 26 ribs mounted on a main and a sub spar.
These spars were build up from 3mm fine redwood cut from beams that have lots of very fine long grain.
The more grain, the stronger is the spar
Glued together, they form a very strong spar!
In the same time, all RC equipment from JR was setup and programmed with the help of the great XBus system.
All 15 servo' s and the 4 outputs for the 2 turbines get their signal and power from 2 XBus HD hubs
All credit goes to JR for developing and producing of this great XBus system

the drawing on the building board with the spars on it.
only one wing can be build , just not room enough!

Cutting the ribs out of lite ply 3 and 5mm with my band saw.

The printed rib is glued on the ply with Tesafilm and than cut out.

The complete "kit" for both wings

All ribs for one wing lying on the drawing.

The complete RC setup with 15 servos, 2 HD hubs, redundant double receiver with their satellites and the easy programmable XG14E

Because of the huge size of the elevons, flaps and rudder, all main functions have two coupled NX6421 XBus servos.
from left to right:
NX3425 smal elevon balance tab servo left
2 NX6421 for the left elevon
2 NX6421 for the left flap, (75 x 20 cm surface).
NX6421 for the left wheel brake
2 NX6421 for the rudder
NX8921 for the nose wheel steering
NX6421 for the right wheel brake
2 NX6421 for the right flap, (75 x 20 cm surface).
2 NX6421 for the right elevon
NX3425 smal elevon balance tab servo right

Next update will contain the first construction pictures of the wing.

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"Short SB4 Sherpa".


A nice picture of the original plane in the early 50' s


The 3-side view of the Sherpa