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Flying wings, a special type of aero modeling.

After some 15 year building and flying "normal" model airplanes, I was looking for a new challenge.
On a meeting of experimental models,  Inter-Ex, I got to know a guy that had specialized in the design and construction of flying wings used for the F3B contest scene in Germany. He used the Horten "bell shaped lift distribution" to make these models fly fast and stable.
I was triggered by this shape to use these techniques for making scale models from experiments done at the end of WW2 in Europe. I knew some nice types of flying wings from my airplane books. The Internet did not exist yet! It was the idea that the tail was constructed in the wing that gave this type of models stable flight
After some discussion with and a visit to this guy, plans were made to design and build my first real flying wing, a look alike from the Horten-IX-V1 glider.
I got help in making the first calculations for the lift distribution and the first model was created on my building table. This al happened more than 25 years ago!
This first one was a success.
My flying wing flew! But not so good, it was more than stable and made a constant left-right movement, (Dutch Roll) the wing twist was chosen a bit to much.
But the idea and passion were born, designing, constructing and flying my own flying wings.
With the 5th, the beautiful Horten-IX-V2 twin turbine fighter, JR Propo got interested in my models due to a nice article in the Japanese magazine RC-Technique, since that time I use only the reliable RC equipment from JR in my big models.

Until now, I build and flew successfully, together with my friends Aad & Giel, nine big wings and the 10th is under construction.

The list:
1/5th scale Horten-IX-V1
1/4th scale Horten-VII-V1
1/3th scale Horten-XII
1/3th scale Westland-Hill Pterodactyl MK4
1/4th scale Horten IX-V2, the first one with two turbines!
1/5th scale Blohm & Voss P215
1/4th scale Heinkel P1079
1/4th scale Focke-Wulf 3x1000B
1/4th scale Gotha P60A
And now under construction:
½ scale Short Sherpa SB4

I really got addicted to this kind of models and I am happy that there are still a lot of nice projects that I can make, in the real aviation world, there were lots of experiments that made their way into the air or even better, never got of the drawing board. Inspiration for me!

Kind regards,

Erik van den Hoogen