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About the Author

Dear JR fan,

My name is Erik van den Hoogen, 56 years of age and I am living in a small village called Born
This is located in the most southern part of the Netherlands in the province Limburg, close to the German border.
I started my model airplane hobby when I was 8 years old because my neighbour made me a balsa chuck glider. I liked this and soon I was building my free flight gliders from small kits. After a few years, I made my first control line model and bought my first 2 stroke engine, an OS Max 1,5cc.
From my 14th birthday, I was allowed to do a Saturday job and saved money for my first RC set. The start of a great hobby!
In my normal life, I am a chemical engineer and I am specialized in quality assurance at a mayor Dutch life sciences Company, DSM.
I have worked for almost 20 years in a DSM/TOSOH joint venture together with my Japanese colleagues.
I am married to a lovely wife who really supports my hobby and we have two sons, both of them also model airplane pilots!
I am really excited to have this article on the JR site.
Hope you'll enjoy it !!

Best regards, Erik van den Hoogen.

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