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FORZA 450EX 3 BLADES COMBO w/TAGSmini (RA01L) ,servo,motor,ESC

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FORZA450 EX with multi blade rotor head MB-311.

The FORZA450 EX is based on the very successful FORZA450. It is designed for the pilots who want more power! It comes with a rear body faring, which you can choose to fly with or not. Many parts are compatible with the FORZA450, so it is economical to maintain.


  • Rigid and lightweight carbon frames give a very clean look to the helicopter (identical to the FORZA450) .
  • The carbon main rotor blades are 32mm longer than the FORZA450.The bearing blocks (with integrated servo mounts) and rotor head are taken from the FORZA450.
  • The new low-profile landing skids (with engraved logo on the landing struts) are 14mm lower than those on the FORZA450.
  • The tail control lever is also taken from the FORZA450 · this is a very simple design with no free play.
  • The canopy is sized to have mounting space for most batteries.
    Because the body catch positions are the same as the FORZA450, it can be mounted on either the FORZA450 or FORZA450 EX.
  • A painted rear fairing is included as standard. It is constructed from FRP, and helps support the tail.
  • Because the standard tail boom brace is included, you can also fly the FORZA450 EX in a pod and boom configuration.


OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

  • Overall length 670mm
  • Overall height 208mm
  • Overall width 112mm
  • Flying weight approx 910g
  • Main rotor diameter 795mm
  • Included Main blade length 357mm
  • Tail rotor diameter 165.5mm
  • Gear ratio 9.07 : 1 : 4.29
  • Main shaft diameter Φ6mm
  • Tail output shaft diameter Φ4mm

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

Items included

  • Assembly kit (3 rotor blades)
  • Motor : NHM-30-8P-EX (KV1750)
  • ESC : NHA-50-SB5 (50A/BEC5A)
  • Swash servo : FBL-DS21
  • Rudder servo : DS3500G
  • 3 axis gyro system TAGS mini
    * Built in DMSS receiver
    * Calibrated and parameters optimized.
  • Main rotor blades
  • Blade holder

Tools required for assembly

  • Hexagon driver 1.5mm (No.61401)
  • Hexagon driver 2mm (No.61402)
  • Wrench 5mm
  • Sandpaper of #300 to #400
  • Rule: 15cm or longer
  • Scotch tape
  • CA Glue
  • Gimlet or Drill (2mm)
  • Digital pitch gauge (No.61796)
  • Other general tools required for making a model

Useful tools

  • JR Universal Link Driver (No.61360)
  • JR Universal Link Trimmer (No.60219)
  • JR Universal Link Plier C (No.60242)
  • Blade Balancer

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

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