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FORZA 450 Assembly kit

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* The FRP front body included in the kit has been changed to 450EX size from 23rd/July shipping.


This "Kit only" is for those of you who crashed or damaged your FORZA.
Rather than buying many replacement parts,as this is a KIT, it has everything!
Get this kit and get all the parts you need at once!

NOTE : FORZA 450 requires a JR genuine motor.
Please do not forget to purchase No.62052 Motor NHM-30-8P.
Other makes of motors in the market are not compatible with FORZA 450. (as of June/2013)


  • Bearing blocks with integrated servo mounts ? solid servo mounting and direct linkages to the swash plate.
  • Carbon frames which are rigid and lightweight give a very clean look to the helicopter.
  • The servos can be easily removed from the helicopter frame.
  • Adjustable servo horns are included to provide an accurate linkages. (Only for JR servos)
  • 6mm main shaft, 4mm tail shaft - strong and crash resistant.
  • Autorotation one way bearing integrated into the pinion gear, allowing a simple and leightweight main gear.
  • Helical tooth main gear results in a smooth drive train and low noise footprint.
  • The new belt drive system features a large front pulley, giving low drag drive to the tail rotor.
  • Originally-designed control lever - very simple with no free play - feels like a much larger helicopter.
  • FRP canopy neatly covers all the mechanics, giving a simple and smart appearance.

The movie for JR FORZA 450 some detail and showing flight performance....Check this out ! JR Official channel (Youtube)

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

  • Length 663mm
  • Height 222mm
  • Width 135mm
  • Gross weight 820g or more
  • Main rotor diameter 731mm
  • Main blade length 325 - 350mm
  • Gear ratio 9.07 : 1 : 4.29
  • Main shaft diameter 6mm
  • Tail output shaft diameter 4mm
  • Tail rotor diameter 155.5mm

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

Items included

  • Assembly kit

Additional items required

  • Motor (Designd for FORZA) NHM-30-8P (No.62052)
  • ESC NHA-50-SB5 (50A/BEC5A)
  • Swash servo FBL-DS21 (Submicro)
  • Rudder servo DS3500G (Submicro/mini)
  • 3 axis gyro sytem
  • Transmitter (120 CCPM capable) and Receiver
  • Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po)
    3 Cell (11.1V) 2,200mAh-2,700mAh
    Size: 35 x 105 x 27 mm (maximum)
  • Battery connector
  • Battery charger

Tools required for assembly

  • Hexagon driver 1.5mm (No.61401)
  • Hexagon driver 2mm (No.61402)
  • Wrench 5mm
  • Sandpaper of #300 to #400
  • Rule: 15cm or longer
  • Digital pitch gauge (No.61796)
  • Other general tools required for making a model

Useful tools

  • JR Universal Link Driver (No.61360)
  • JR Universal Link Trimmer (No.60219)
  • JR Universal Link Plier C (No.60242)
  • Blade Balancer

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

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