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Electric FBL Helicopter NEX E6 series

NEX E6-550


NEX E6 550 employs simple but robust frame construction and is the lightest weight in the 550class helicopter.
This is the first JR helicopter which are designed from scratch as FBL model to achieve full performance with our flybarless control unit TAGS01.
NEX E6 550 is capable to fly with any extreme 3D maneuvers. Super Combo set included with TAGS01 with suitable parameter as defualt and also the setting detail of transmitter program.
So, it is capable to fly with extreme 3D right out of the box. In addition, There are two pinion gears are included in the set, for those who wishes to select variety of setting for the practice or to expand the longer flight time, it is capable to adjust the E6-550 as desired.

NEX E6-550 RTFフルセット

Optional parts