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Electric FBL Helicopter NEX E6 series

NEX E6-550

Choosing the battery

Battery Guide

Li-Po Battery

Cell : 6 Cell

Voltage / Capacity : 22.2V 6s 2,600mAh กม 5,000mAh

Size : 46mm × 60mm × 160mm (maximum)

Flight Time

  1. Flight time is affected by the batteries used. If using 3,300mAh battery capacity, please set the flight time to approx.
    10min for hovering only, and approx 4 mins for flying only.
    In order to extend battery life, it is recommended to leave at least 15% battery remaining after flight.
  2. Please do not fly consecutively.
    After each flight, please do not start the next flight until the motor, ESC and other parts have cooled down.
    If you fly consecutively, the motor, ESC and other parts may get damaged from overheating.


Connectors rated for 75A or above are recommended. Mistakes in confusing plus (+) and minus (-) are very dangerous and may lead to catastrophic accidents. To prevent connection mistakes, please confirm the connecting method and the color of the wires are correct.

Optional parts