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TAGS Parameter Editor GTUNE
ver. 1.2.6

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[For Specific transmitter] TAGS01
[Version] 1.2.6
[Updated on] May 9th. 2012

New in this version

  1. Pirouette Compensation
    • Pirouette Compensation
      Allows stable high or slow speed pirouettes
    • The E-RING can be turned on or off
      During 3D maneuvers, when aileron and elevator controls are used to their extreme, the e-ring limits servo movement to prevent jamming of the swash plate. This reduces the chances of servo damage or linkage binding.

  2. Changes to the menu layout
    The 'Option Tab' now displays the dead band settings as well as the above functions.
    • Dead Band:
      The dead band can be set as desired. A narrow dead band would mean the smallest variation in transmitter signal will cause the servos to respond. A wide dead band means that small variations in transmitter stick neutral have no control effect. As an example, it is similar to the steering wheel in the car. When you drive you may notice you can move the steering wheel slightly left and right with no effect. This is the dead band. If you did not have this °»dead band°… on the steering wheel, the car would be almost impossible to drive in a straight line.

  3. Limiter Volume Display:
    The Limiter Volumes are now displayed on the 'Gain Monitor' tab.

Caution: Be sure to read the Software Installation guide prior to installing this software.

It is essential to use the GTune USB adapter when performing this update (JR part #02612) . Note that commonly available USB cables cannot be used.

Pirouette Compensation

Pirouette Compensation can be set and adjusted following initial TAGS01 calibration. Please refer to the instruction manual for details on calibration.
  1. Turn on the Transmitter and then the receiver and ensure the servos operate correctly.
    Please be sure to disconnect the motor wires from the ESC so the rotor blades cannot suddenly rotate.

  2. Start the G-Tune software on your PC and then connect the special G-Tune USB cable to your PC, and then to the TAGS01 control unit.

  3. Ensure the G-Tune software connects to the TAGS01.
  4. Check the box to activate Pirouette Compensation
    In order to check the operation, Press click on confirm button.
    Upon activation, Swash plate may tilt down or up, Note that upon activation this function, compensation gain value will set as 50% as default.)
  5. Lift up your helicopter and rotate the helicopter in 90degreeto the left or right direction
    Check the Swash plate remain tilted at same direction no matter heli copter rotate in different direction .
    If the tilt angle changes to opposite direction, this is Incorrect direction so recheck the Check box in reverse direction to correct the function. And be sure that Swash plate moves correctly.

    • You must careful observe the swashplate to ensure this setting is correct.
    • If you do not move the helicopter within 5 seconds, the swashplate will return to the neutral position.

  6. Pirouette Compensation adjustment
    The compensation gain can be adjusted as desired.
    The default value of 50 works well for 3D flight. For F3C style flying use values up to 75 - note however that 3 axis gyros are not yet legal for use in F3C competitions. Even high values will not cause servo hunting.

E-RING Set up

The E-ring function is activated by default. After the TAGS01 has been calibrated and servo limits set, the E-Ring function prevents swashplate jamming when both full aileron and elevator controls are used simultaneously during extreme 3D maneuvers..
Additonal notes:
It is important to inhibit any e-ring function or equivalent compensation mix in the transmitter.

[Update log]
TAGS Parameter Editor GTUNE ver.1.1.8


Last Update: May 9,2012

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